Our services can be structured as follows:

1. technical services:  

    - technical analysis of existing and planned production lines

    - identification of the requirements on production lines to be realised

    - design of production facilities

    - engineering of production facilities

    - factory layout planning

    - logistics planning

    - co-ordination of technical specifications of single production units within the production


    - definition and co-ordination of the hardware and software based interfaces between

       single production units

    - approval of the supplier’s technical planning for the production units

    - procurement of the production units

    - monitoring of the assembly and set up of the production units

    - final inspection of the delivered production units

    - monitoring of the commencement of operations and the production of the initial lot

    - attending the starting phase of production  

2. organisational services: 

    - analysis of organisation of existing and planned production lines

    - preparation of feasibility studies

    - project management

    - development of production process, production structure, and production organisation

    - development of the internal logistical system

    - design, realisation, and monitoring of the project’s logistics

    - development of the maintenance and servicing concept

    - staff training

    - development and implementation of quality management systems

3. commercial services:  

    - analysis of organisation of existing and planned production lines

    - preparation and realisation of financing concepts

    - financial controlling of projects

    - project financing

    - production planning

    - determination of product costs

    - development and implementation of production controlling systems

    - preparation and implementation of various product related and production related 

      management measures (e.g.: Target Costing, Kanban, QFD and SPC


Depending on the demands of our customers the specified services are provided within a project of the customer or may be offered separately.


The comprehensive range of our services guarantees a continuing support of our customers from the early conception stage of a project to operational stage of the factory.