Tailor-made financing for our customer


Herewith, our customers benefit not only from reliable and long-term financing.
We offer our export financing with short-term, and medium-term, or long-term financing of deliveries, projects, or services.

1. Trade and Export Finance

Order all spare parts you need from Europe from us, and you can use our export financing.


For Example:

Reduce your warehousing costs!


To keep your production running smoothly, you need key spare parts outside of your country. That brings a lot of work for you - you have to negotiate with each supplier and afterwards enter into a contract with each of them, followed through with registering all signed contracts with your bank and customs committee, thus, pre-financing each order. This is no problem at all as long as the value is small, but the liquidity of your company is severely affected when you have to pay tens of thousands Dollars or Euros in advance. Right there we are the best partner for you. We procure the goods for you, deliver them as soon as possible and you can pay us several months later.


Only one contract, only one supplier. Challenge us! 

2. Project Finance

We arrange a customized and secure project financing for your investment.

We offer a wide range of options from classic ECA-covered bank loans through loans from national and international development banks up to private equity financing.

Based on your documents and plannings we support you by structuring and submitting applications for your financing.




You are planning to expand your production capacity by erecting a new production line. We will analyze your situation and your needs to provide you with the right equipment including technical engineering, supply, assembly and starting up the production as well as financing provided from a European bank. Your management and your production team can focus up to the production time and afterwards only on generating income returns.
Tailor-made financing with the right maturity guarantees you just perfect conditions to meet your financial obligations.